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Explore the World of Mouseheart!

Travel below the streets to discover the world Hopper finds deep beneath the heart of Brooklyn. Hover over an area on the map to learn more about the animals that call it home.



Living safely tucked away in pet stores and the homes of humans, Uplander animals live pretty peaceful lives—though they might never see farther than the walls of their cages. Most of them will never know that there’s another world entirely just beneath their feet.

The Rebels

Led by the notorious Firren, the rebels live on the fringes of both rat and mouse society, answering to no one. If nothing else, they can at least be called courageous—they’re not afraid to stand openly against Emperor Titus, or to face life in the tunnels without Atlantia’s protection.

The Mūs

Feared by some and pitied by others, the Mūs have a long and much disputed history. Some say they are cruel and fearsome, while others say they deserve the protection of Emperor Titus and the rats of Atlantia. All anyone can say for sure is that the Mūs haven’t ruled the tunnels around Atlantic Center in years.

The Ferals

Feral cats were once the undisputed rulers of the tunnels beneath Atlantic Center. Now, under the leadership of Queen Felina, they live in harmony with the rats of Atlantia, but no one seems to be sure why—or certain that it will last.

The Romanus

Hailing from the glorious rat city of Atlantia, the Romanus live in luxury under the protection of Emperor Titus. The city’s walls keep them safe from the dangers that abound in the tunnels beneath Brooklyn, but who knows what other secrets they hide…

Where in Mouseheart’s World Do You Belong?

Now that you’ve met Mouseheart’s tribes, find out where you belong by taking the “What’s Your Mouseheart Tribe?” quiz!