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Which Character Are You?

You’re going on an adventure! What’s the first thing you grab to take with you?
Your family and friends

Nothing. All you’ll need is your strength

Your lucky charm—you never know when some good luck could come in handy

Your money

Your most loyal minions—I mean, friends

Your weapon. Always be ready for action!

Your favorite toy or blanket—whatever makes you feel most comforted

How would your friends describe you?
Courageous and special

Stubborn and fierce

Daring but irresponsible

Secretive and powerful

Gorgeous and cruel

Driven and dangerous

Loving and innocent

Okay, forget how your friends see you. How would you describe yourself?
Protective, but pretty average

Brave and unique

Noble and burdened

Clever and ambitious

Cunning and determined

Noble and strong

Forgiving and friendly

What are you most afraid of?
Letting the people I care about down


Never seeing my best friends again

Not being in control

My friends turning on me

The forces of evil winning out

Getting hurt or killed

What always makes you feel better after a bad day?
Thinking about the people who love you

Yelling or hitting a pillow to let some anger out

Cracking a few jokes for anyone who will listen

Counting your money

Gorging yourself on your favorite meal

Reflecting on your purpose and working towards that goal

Finding someone to take care of you

You think someone might be lying to you. What do you do about it?
Ask several people for advice and try to figure out who you can trust

Confront them about it

Send a friend to try to coax the truth out of them

Threaten them until they change their tune

Punish them—whether it makes them stop lying or not

Who cares if they’re lying? So are you, and you’re better at it

Ignore it and hope they’ll come clean on their own

What means the most to you?
Taking care of others


Being a good friend

Wealth and security

Power and control

Doing what’s right

Being safe and having fun
Describe your dream home.
It’s not about where you live, but who you’re with

Spacious and full of old things

It doesn’t matter, as long as I can come and go as I please

Large and elaborate

Luxurious, with a well-stocked pantry

Something functional and no frills, like a hut or a tent

Just like my childhood home, where I’ve always been most comfortable

What’s your biggest regret?
Not staying in touch with the people I care about most

Accidentally causing someone else to be hurt

Not being able to save a friend from harm

Agreeing to something that I can’t get out of

Only the weak ever have anything to regret

Having to cut someone I cared about out of my life

I try to avoid making decisions so I’ll never regret them

When you get a few minutes to relax, what’s the first thing you want to do?
Hang out with your best friends

Blow off some steam by running or working out

Take a long walk to clear your head

Play a strategy game like Risk or chess

Grab a bite to eat

Settle in with a good book

Take a nap

You’re Hopper! You might be small, but there’s no questioning the enormity of your courage. Though you can be a bit naive, deep inside you have the heart of a true warrior. You care deeply about your friends, family, and doing what’s right.

You’re Pinkie! Some might call you fierce and bullish—maybe even a bit of a bully. But whatever anyone says, you’re deeply loyal, and you’re a survivor. You don’t wait for luck to work out in your favor—you take care of yourself, thank you very much.

You’re Zucker! Though you’re the prince of the Romanus, you’re not too happy about the responsibility. Still, if you have to put up with silly titles and being bowed to all the time, at least you can leverage some of your privilege to make Atlantia a better place. Or at least, you hope you can. You owe it to your long-lost best friend.

You’re Emperor Titus! Fierce and formidable, you’re the Emperor of Atlantia and its outlying colonies. After pulling yourself up from humble beginnings, you founded Atlantia, and as its leader you keep its rats—and the refugee rodents you take in—safe from the perils of the metal monsters (we’d call them “trains”), the savage Mūs, and the roving rebels of the transit tunnels. Some might question your decisions, but no one would dare challenge your right to make them.

You’re Queen Felina! Two words describe you: gorgeous and cruel. Your hair is always perfectly coiffed, even after striking a deadly blow. As queen of the feral cats, you rule with an iron claw. Just about everyone’s afraid of and in awe of you, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You’re Firren! Few would mistake your petite stature for weakness. As leader of the rebel ranger rats, you’re anything but weak! If it’s for the greater good, you’ll just as soon run someone through with a sword as you will blink.

You’re Pup! You may be small, and plenty of things scare you, but one thing is true: You believe the best about and see the goodness in everyone. You make friends easily, and people tend to become very fond and protective of you.